Whitefriars Silver Jubilee

1977 ER II Millefiori Crown made to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee in 1977
Diameter 3 1/4"

 Ed Rithner Paperweight Bookends

Eight petaled red and white flowers mounted on a cookie base
Height of each bookend 3 5/8


Orient and Flume 

Black widow spider paperweight.  The stylized latticinio cleverly mimics a spider's web.  The wavy green leaves are another naturalistic detail.

 Signed.  Limited edition of 250 by Scott Beyers.  Diameter  3 3/8 inches.

Selkirk Crown

1999 Crown Thistle

Diameter 3"

Selkirk Glass was established in 1977 by Peter Holmes and Ron Hutchinson in the Boarders of Scotland

Fred Wilkerson

Spider in web, dark gray spider rests in the center of a white web, on mottled lack-brown ground.Signed and dated 1993 Four in one facets.

Diameter 3"


James Nowak


Signed and dated 1996

Diameter  3 1/2"

 Mayuel Ward

Signed and dated 1993

Diameter 3 1/4"


1978 Intertwined garlands with millefiori canes
Five faceted sides

Diameter 3"



1953 coronation milleiori weight with five rows of complex cog, quatrfoil and floret canes.

Center reads E II R 1953
(which means Elizabeth the second reigns, 1953)

Slight crack on bottom.

Diameter 3"

 Charles Kaziun

Miniature yellow lily
pedestal paperweight.

An upright dimensional yellow lily with upturned green leaves, floats over a clear footed base.

Diameter  1 7/8 high

Floral Spray

Pink Floral Double spiral lattice

1984   Limited Edition

Diameter 3"


Lundberg Studios

Ruby Crimp Rose
in faceted diamond

Signed and dated
LS 2002 

Diameter 3 3/8"



Bouquet on clear ground
with black overlay
1 and 12 facets

1993  Signature cane
 Limited edition #21 of 199

Diameter 3 1/3"



Two ripe strawberries with central white flower, three buds, and leaves on a clear ground.  One top facet, 12 side facets strawberry-cut base.  P cane in design.
Limited edition of 300

Diameter  2 1/2"
 Randall Grubb

Purple grapes with green leaves encased in clear glass.


Diameter 2 3/4"



Faceted double overlay with three white snowdrop flowers.  Clear base cut with a top window and eight curved side facets.

Limited edition of 294 pieces
Circa 1987
Diameter 2 7/16"


Gridel lovebirds
millefiori with a center silhouette cane of two lovebirds, surrounded by six spaced squares of complex millefiori and the other 17 Gridel silhouettes, scattered on green ground. Sign/date cane.  Limited edition #76 of 350.  Circa 1977

Diameter 3 3/8

Red flash overlay
5 large facets and 10 small on sides

1992  Limited Edition 139 of 160

Diameter 3 1/2"